Kaizen, Japanese for "improvement" or "change for the better" refers to philosophy or practices that focus upon continuous improvement of processes in manufacturing, engineering and business management. Kaizen helps to ensure top product quality and an ever-improving organization.

Earlier last month, Kaizen concept was launched at Corys Packaging. The first phase consisted of training all employees, at all levels, on the different aspects of Kaizen, its applications and benefits. After the training was completed, a pilot phase has been rolled out at the extrusion department in Kangaroo Plastics and finance department in both Kangaroo and Emirates Technopack.

'The process is very simple and any employee can participate in this suggestion scheme, said Rajiv Batra, General Manager at Corys Packaging. The concept lays down the entire process right from submission of Kaizen forms, their processing, evaluation, rewards and recognition. The purpose of the Scheme is to motivate our employees for innovation and creativity through focused improvement, cost effectiveness through waste reduction, product quality improvement, inventory control, improvement in capacity utilization and order to delivery cycle times, leading to overall enhancement in organisational competitiveness and customer satisfaction', he added.


Like many quality management tools, kaizen is not a quick fix for the woes of a company. Because it focuses on gradual improvement, fully quantifiable improvements may not be significant in the short term, but the positive effects will slowly, but steadily snowball into long term profits, quality and other non-monetary benefits, such as retention.