Kangaroo Plastics, in partnership with  TBM Consulting conducted a three-week program to introduce Lean Six Sigma Transformation which proves to be a powerful approach to delivering  short-term process efficiencies while building longer lasting capability assets.
It is a way to generate and sustain true competitive advantage on and beyond the factory floor. In addition to training the team on leveraging 'Lean' for growth, the program included meetings with all department heads and a value chain mapping exercise to understand the company's current situation, readiness and potential for future growth.
Once key concepts explained, the focus was on training shop floor personnel towards implementing lean management principles.
Today, the company's shop floor has various set of data pin boards where key performance indicators (KPI's) are monitored and daily meetings held to look at variances. Rajiv Batra, General Manager said: 'Lean Six Sigma programs can deliver more than cost reductions and increased value to customers. We strongly believe that the implementation of lean sigma principles will not only help us in cascading and improving KPI's at all levels but also improve efficiencies, become more cost competitive and customer centric as an organization'.